#Repost @fretclub ・・・ Hello out there in Internet Guitar-land! I am Eric Weigeshoff, luthier and owner of @SkytopGuitars, and Fretclub has been kind enough to allow me to take over (conquer if you will) their Instagram for the day to show you some of my guitars and tune you into what exactly goes on in the construction of an acoustic guitar. 🎸 As part of their #KnowTheBuilder segment, here is a quick bio: I come from an art and design and advertising background, with no prior woodworking experience. About 7 years ago, my beloved 1971 Gibson Country & Western was knocked off its stand and nearly destroyed. It wasn’t worth the money to have it repaired, so I decided to get some knowledge and do it myself. That led to building guitars for friends, and finally after a career meltdown, a decision to dedicate my life to the thing I love the most... building Acoustic Guitars. 🎸 My shop is in beautiful upstate New York in the town of New Paltz. My trusty shop dog Gustav is usually snoring along beside me. I work intimately with players to build them the steel string acoustic guitar they’ve been dreaming of.

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